Reply To: up coming solar flash

  • Marc

    July 27, 2022 at 2:58 pm

    By reading attentively to Corey Goode’s intel, we can understand the following:
    – The micronova due around 2030 is not a a magical “Kumbaya” celebration as Corey Goode often re-advised because the lore of the community see it, perhaps wrongly, as an all-liberating love and light moment in which we will acquire super-powers like levitation and telekinesis and long life-spans. On the contrary, initially, after the solar flash, humanity won’t do too well, again, according to Corey Goode.
    – In one of his latest updates, Corey Goode mentioned that it will be something like a mixed harvest, where some people would lean toward the 4th density negative. 4th density positive people will have to protect themselves mainly by coming together. Read the updates again if you missed the part on how some of the military would protect us.
    – Already in older updates, Corey Goode mentioned that humanity would split into two camps. The part of humanity that didn’t learn the lessons prior to the Solar Flash will take some time before maturing spiritually. After a 1000 years or so and other terrible lessons, humanity will be ready to unite as one. This is all from Corey Goode.

    Conclusion: our efforts matter because it because of what we do now determines how well things go to in this journey to the fourth density.
    Like the French say, you cannot make an omelette without breaking any egg.

    I encourage anyone to read the updates again, and read or watch the Cosmic Disclosure episodes in which Corey Goode is interviewed. This is a brief summary of many updates by Corey Goode. I cannot cite everything and understand everything so this creates distortions.