Reply To: up coming solar flash

  • Richard Ostroman

    July 26, 2022 at 8:16 pm

    Hi Amy, I like what you say and to keep in mind that everyone is playing it with a little fear and in some small case real important to respect the others perspective of fear and try and expand all perspectives. The flash as seen by Corey has those people wanting the same event to occur to ensure their time line is the same or just as close to what they feel is best case to ensure their existence or something. Again a fear based truth, but a real possibility given we really can create anything. My question to you what does your heart tell you. know that we as a collective will need to be somehow plays a part, but as how this story boards out, im thinking the third eye is about to open for everyone and when we can see the lies as people can not hide from someone seeing your true intension. A lot of ground to cover. The flash will be felt and delt with on all levels. What happens on earth is really up to her. She has had a few of these in the past but like child birth its really up to the mother. With what we do as humans, well that’s a wild card.