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    July 24, 2022 at 9:36 am


    MARIA, I’m impressed by your overall understanding/consciousness, as well as your ability to compartmentalize, idiosyncrasies in other’s individual distortions. However, you’re missing the forest & are instead, trying to locate individual trees. Ascension out of 3rd density can only be achieved on an individual basis. You can encourage/try to assist others to achieve theirs but you can’t facilitate their ability to do so, as the only way out is the way in. They must go within. My suggestion would be never stop working on yourself, as Corey has many times publicly stated each density has [I believe at least 7] sub-densities. Plus of course you’re aware, certain beings will go back or ascend to 5th density as well when they leave here. Lastly, as far as time between incarnations, for example Billy Meier claimed due to overpopulation & other factors, he was told at the time there were about 120-150 yrs. between incarnations from our temporal understanding, though we know time is only part of our physical construct/matrix & once your outside it, you could potentially go forward or back in time, as well as as any potential destination you have a congruent/frequency resonance with in the applicable density. Like waking up from a nice 8-10 hour sleep, you know you slept long, but weren’t waiting…so to speak…to wake up. Also, my understanding is between incarnations there’s further inner work/adjusting/fine-tuning of individual frequency to be done…while sleeping I presume, given the analogy…as well, so that takes time, from our current distortion/perception. Hope this helps. The bottom line, it would seem wise to continue using/developing your attunement/truth resonance. If so, eventually the answers you seek, will become readily apparent if needed or won’t be necessary to get you where you plan/hope to go! Keep expanding your consciousness & let it be your guide. You don’t need to answer all questions you have to leave/ascend, but can certainly be anchored down, if you believe that’s the case. So don’t!

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 4 months ago by  MYLES EVANS.