Reply To: up coming solar flash

  • Maria Rivera

    July 24, 2022 at 4:08 am

    In “The Law of One” it is my understanding RA says the person must die to reach the next density. Let’s say we are inching towards the end of our big cycle and many people need to go at the same time to the next density. In order to reach the planet in the 4th density we need to reach a threshold. Without that threshold we can’t reach the same planet that is already vibrating on 4th density. We must continue to work on ourselves to get to the threshold to 4th density. We all make decisions on how we are going to work certain issues and we all are in concert in this illusion of the mind and body. For all that collective of planetary mind (big group of people which I don’t know how many will do the harvest and the ones that don’t cannot live on the planet immediately after, as RA says) to go at once something major needs to occur. David Wilcock has the opinion that we are not going to have a catastrophic shift to 4th density; but that’s an opinion. His idea is like we are only going to change consciousness but that is not what “The Law of One” says. “The Law of One” is in total agreement with a possible difficult harvest as RA calls it which can bring major earthquakes, volcanic activity, mantle displacement etc., a solar flash can be of enough magnitude to blow up a planet but a moderate solar event can provoque all those events. As Corey related it’s the Blue Avians who are talking about a solar flash. And besides that, one must die in order to reach the next density.

    There are different ideas about the same event. It looks the shift must happen by whatever means. Dolores Cannon said she kept hearing about the Event and her patients were telling her around 2050, The CIA has the idea the solar flash is around 2030 per NASA calculations. Now the timeline of the information of Corey is around 2028 and previously was 2023-24. The hindus understand the shift is around 2025 and they call it a change in yuga.

    On a different note I agree with Cogan that we should move faster to inform the public as a collective of what is really happening.