• Angela Dors

    November 18, 2022 at 2:47 pm

    You know what amuses me most about all this?

    Eternal, extra-dimensional beings who created the universe/s [embodied] who give their various incarnations knowledge, wisdom and life [above all] are degraded to the level of slaves by creatures that were created thanks to them and their parents [Creator of Life and Love💜]. It seems that clay pots and cups [regardless of knowledge] tell themselves that they are able to control the Potter. And it’s funny. Maybe when you look at everything from a different perspective as CREATORS💖 instead of ONLY star seed [who are wandering jugglers] brought to life by the Creators, you see the universe differently. And you know what really surprises me about all these statements about star children? If they wanted to help this planet, they would have already done so, but I guess they have their goals to achieve, and they don’t necessarily have to think like, for example, Jesus or Buddha. In my opinion, the only solution is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE💜. Starseeds should follow the simple logic that only this energy can steer the planetary consciousness of earthlings in the right direction. And without love, what are starchildren?

    [Although I know that everything is going according to the plan of the CREATORS💜 and the CREATOR💜.] I remember how many times Jesus was annoyed because of the lack of understanding of people to whom he explained everything like an ox on the border like children. It’s the same now. They have eyes but they don’t see, they have ears but they don’t hear 🙂 How it fits with today’s star kids. It is better to think and breathe with your heart. Regards