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    • Sonia French

      June 3, 2022 at 5:07 pm

      I’ve taken my question to my Guides in meditation. What I am “told” is that there is no way to accurately predict what will occur because the collective human element is core. Also I am reminded that I volunteered for this mission so my placement or geographic location is a part of that pre-birth plan. The catalyst for me is to understand and accept that and also to prepare.

      Thank you I think the Safe Zone questions are important because it really did kinda hold me in fear for awhile…and I’d wait for Corey to respond to it….but here my guides are handy again. They ask me what do I think Corey would say? I think he’d say to me “thank you for volunteering for this mission”… 😂 Ok, good enough.

      Blessings One and All