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    • Steve Myers

      June 2, 2022 at 4:49 pm

      No need to feel panic …… Nor Fear

      It’s not perfectly clear what will happen between now and the Solar Flash which transfers the consciousness of life on Earth to 4th Density. It will be rough when the focus is on 3D thinking. When the flash occurs Third Density thinking, acting, feeling and fear will change. If you are 51% “Service To Others” then you will experience the transformation, however, if your only 50%…. or less, you will end your 3D experience and try again in another cycle on a different planet that is still going through the “Choice” cycles.

      Fear is one of many “control” tools of “Negative Polarity”. This is faced throughout the processes of 3D, 4D, 5D and then completely looses all power, motivation and seeking to use…. by the middle of 6D. This is as I have come to understand it.

      The uncertainty of where you live when the flash happens and will you survive to defend your home, family or food supply is a concern of your 3D self, for the most part. Corey emphasizes the greater importance of doing the inner work. Love your self and others. Choose positive over negative more often.

      If you have fear, your not seeing the bigger picture. Life/Living is not the point – it is living life while learning the process of knowing the power of love and oneness and making the “Choice” now….. to move toward “Positive Polarity” to a greater degree in each incarnation until all lessons are learned to your satisfaction.

      All IMHO