• Will

    May 14, 2022 at 12:06 pm

    I agree that the AI doesnt use Loosh. Loosh is life energy and the AI has no soul, therefore needing no life energy……other than to animate another Organiclone to build more things etc…. Its a souless, super intellect of logic/math using the universal laws so it can thrive. It doesnt inject emotion or empathy into its decisions, its doing a long run of mathematical calculation and eventually it needs to get to zero. Then it can move on after its done what it thinks is a good thing, when really its done the worst thing it could have thought of: extinguish life in all its forms.

    Everyones seen the shows, the movies, maybe read the books and know that it is negative……ALWAYS. It will and can never end up good and that is why we MUST stop it at all costs. This is nukes on 100, like if the sun was going to actually explode and exterminate everything. Its that bad! Theres no a little AI…. like half pregnant, you either have AI or you dont.Having it is a death sentence for the whole system. Hopefully our cosmic cousins WILL not let us near it and break it for us. 😉🤫