• Will

    May 5, 2022 at 6:55 pm

    In my researched opinion, the moon for Earth has nothing to do with the ant people making it, although maybe they ran to it from time to time after it was placed, the sasquatch people, one version of them anyway, are the Maldek people who were trapped in the soul knot and when they were finally released they had to take on those primitive bodies after what they did. The moon was built out of a large planetoid in another area and portaled in for the elites to escape to right before the planet exploded, which is why you see all the damage on the one side. They drove it to Earth, very damaged, and set it where it is so they didnt get sucked into the sun cause it was too damaged to maneuver correctly. The Law of One has these answers and i highly doubt the RA collective would be wrong about this, maybe some minutia of details, but certainly not the over all story being they are late 6th density, now, and ancient.