• K S

    April 27, 2022 at 7:32 pm

    Looking at the whole statement, “They were the result of the AI God [AIG]taking over another solar system and
    these androids were built in the image of the civilization that had
    designed them. The AI took over these androids and used them and the
    technology of this civilization against them and wiped out every living
    soul in that solar system. These Droids carried a certain type of AI
    Programming that make them very useful and these Bio-Droids are what
    design and build most of their technology. They are basically AI Avatars
    that allow the AI God to produce technologies that the Reptilians are
    not capable of producing.”

    From that paragraph, it would seem that AIG doesn’t need biologicals or loosh. Why and how could an artificial intelligence use loosh, anyway? So, it all just depends on the workers who serve AIG and their needs. I would assume eventually the Reptilians would be eliminated as well, unless they serve a purpose the Bio-Droids can’t.

    This topic always reminds me of the “Butlerian Trilogy”, the eventual war of humans against AI in the Dune series.