• K S

    January 31, 2022 at 6:49 am

    There aren’t enough conclusive studies of the harmful effects of 5G and I haven’t seen one on stress in particular. It’s more connected with cancers and navigation for animals. Here’s some reported symptoms, but they don’t mention seizures.


    ( If they don’t do a study they can say it’s safe.) As to your friend, since a gluten free diet is supposed to help with seizures, I can see why you might blame 5G. And maybe it is the cause. But, it’s not enough of a convincing cause and effect, it’s only anecdotal and 1 case. However, there’s a definite connection with cellphone use and brain cancer, though it takes years to develop. (Not to say your friend has cancer.)

    This is an interesting 5G article, especially the military use.


    Vit B12 is “stored” in a sense, so I stand corrected.

    ” B12 is “stored” by simply being attached to the enzymes that require it. But, as @jzx also pointed out, perhaps “storage” is not an accurate description — cobalamin is an integral part of these enzymes; it is not present in excess, and not kept in some storage compartment from where it can be mobilized (like glycogen, for example).

    B12 is stored as mitochondrial 5-deoxyadenosylcobalamin, primarily in the liver (2 to 5 mg) but also about another 1/3rd in muscle. []

    While the literature tends to use the term “storage,” this coenzyme form of B12 would still be taking an active role in metabolism. As the liver and muscles have the most mitochondria per cell, they are apparently considered the de-facto reserves.”

    Robins can be seen in cold climates in winter.


    But, 5G MAY interfere with migration.


    It is all very complicated and there’s constantly new info.