• Vicki Luibrand

    January 31, 2022 at 4:42 am

    As I said, 5G causes stress, which depletes B12. It’s also odd that the person with the gluten problem started getting the seizures during the 5G rollout, even though he had stopped eating gluten, and was only being affected by occasional quinoa, which mimics gluten. Why would he have more problems now, on a cleaner diet, if not from 5G? Dr. Osborne says B12 gets stored. He’s the smartest doctor I know…one of 270 with his massive nutritional training. He refuses to get an MD, because he doesn’t want to degrade is education. I highly respect him for that! By the way, I saw pictures today of robins in Michigan in this freezing cold weather. Apparently they are in both peninsulas. Why didn’t they fly south for the winter? Is it a 5G navigation issue?