• Leo Littlebook

    January 8, 2022 at 9:50 pm

    Negative does not mean hostile to humanity. Corey said that the Breakaway council he met with were actually composed of future humanities who time-traveled to our past to secure their timelines. I presume the group I’m assisting is responsible for the Norse pantheon.

    Such a group would have a vested interest in humanity’s survival and freedom from the AI Prophets. Or so I think.

    Since these “Norse Nordics” have rendered significant aid to humanity, including via William Tompkins designing the Solar Warden program, it seems right to reciprocate, especially given the purpose is pro-human.

    William Tompkins is featured heavily on the SBA site:


    I’m asking for confirmation that there is a Negative Nordic group friendly to humanity on the Inner Earth Breakaway Civ council that Corey visited with the Anshar.