• Victoria Li

    December 14, 2021 at 7:54 am

    In my experiences the appearance of Satanic energy, in whatever form, is often accompanied by loss of human life. Similar to how the appearance of wolves is often accompanied by loss of deer life, this indicates to me that humans are not at the top of the foodchain.

    I have been hunting down the source of the problem (in order to cure the disease not just the symptoms), and it has revealed to me some pretty messed-up individuals leading or obeying or caught up in the “system” of three-letter agencies (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zC8e-nnrodjKlyG2aX5-TSlD0cp8JT17POkPIQfq_-w/edit), election-war-profit cycle (Krupp/Rothschild etc.), and corruption and soul-selling in exchange for power/money in general (Hollywood, slavery, sex/human/child trafficking, mainstream science, other Satanic cults, etc. etc.). However I am not worried because Satan by nature is unsustainable and self-destructing.

    I notice, however, that many of these individuals had extremely traumatic pasts that caused their light to be overshadowed by darkness. It almost happened to me too in college, but I was lucky enough to get exorcised (accidentally, haphazardly, basically a demon was having trouble overwhelming me and sensed easier prey and left–to my horror and disgust–to overwhelm my brother who died 3 years later) in the midst of the struggle. Since then I have learned more formal exorcism skills and now know how to deal with a demon/possessed individual when I encounter one, although I wish I learned it sooner.

    This is what I have found to work:

    1. When light meets darkness, whichever one is stronger will overwhelm the other.

    2. Light/darkness meet through eye contact. Only eye contact with a demon stronger than your light is dangerous.

    3. When a demon possesses or attempts to possess you (can be through eye contact or when your light is very weak), mantra chanting + mudras + practices like meditation/yoga for about a night will exorcise all traces of the dark energy.

    4. All demons were once possessed individuals (who died in tragic circumstances). All possessed individuals were once normal people (who were overwhelmed by trauma). You can communicate with the individual (whether alive or dead) beneath the darkness. They usually are seeking something or (if dead) trying to get peoples’ attention and will point you to how to help them just as you can point them to how to help each other.