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    • Andrew Sellars

      November 30, 2021 at 1:32 pm

      Mainly for the winter. Once spring comes round then the Vit D3 will go down to 10,000 iu. There is actually a blood test you can do to check that the amount of Vit D is right for you body. I’m due to do mine next month.

      It worth baring in mind that I’m immune compromised (HIV for 27 years) so I need a bit of extra help as it were. I been reading alot about Vit D3. Theres a very good book by Tiago Henriques. The max amount of 10,000 iu is decades old and goes back to a time when people got out doors a hell of a lot more. It also depends on where you live: if you live in Norway you’ll need to supplement with more VitD3 then someone who lives in southern Spain.

      I’ve noticed that my T-Cell count has dropped sharply since having the jab (I’ve only had 2) and I’m due some more blood result at the end of next week. If its gone down further then I’ll be having a somewhat “frank” discussion with my doctor.

      I’ll more than likely put the pine tea to once side for the moment.