• Andrew Sellars

    November 29, 2021 at 5:16 pm

    Aluminium-Based Lifeforms Found In Vaccines Under Microscope. Was just looking at a site that discusses this and noticed a post from the comments underneath:

    “The Graphene must be destroyed by the Host or multiple generations will
    be activated near High Microwave sources and likely the Sun!! The Vaxxed
    didn’t ask for this but now they are on a Goats path..”

    What caught my attention was the post mentions the sun. Is it possible that the rush to get all these “vaccines” in people is in preperation for the large solar event expected in December? Will the solar flare wipe out AI or will it enable the connection between AI and humanity? Is the solar event the trigger (the on switch) and 5G the conduite for AI to take control?