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    • Donna Hoopai

      November 23, 2021 at 6:44 pm

      Ok, according to quite a few more researchers coming forward, along with David & Corey’s info, we now know there are more than just little monsters in the vaccine. It is a cocktail that is a Bio-genetically engineered weapon of death and sterilization! I am one of those unfortunate individuals who was tricked into taking the first two jabs. (I will NOT be getting any more), BUT, I fear not that which can harm my body, only that which corrupts my soul! So, all these horrible things MUST happen in order for humanity to wake up! These HORRORS must be exposed in order in usher in a grand awakening like never before! I hope our sacrifices (all be it unknowingly), won’t be in vain! Praise to the unseen warriors for freedom in our universe who persevere for all who are oppressed and enslaved in one way or another! I forgive those who oppose the light for everything! LOVE/LIGHT! 💫