• alan page

    November 12, 2021 at 9:35 pm

    My take on the choices we have ahead of us are between good and evil and that these choices are based on what is good or evil from the stand point of the evolution of humanity.

    I know little about time lines and hear that remote viewing has observed that after 2012 that what was chosen did not affect the time line that will emerge?

    So I accept we are here as spiritual beings having a human experience and that it may be tougher here than it is in a non-human form. Also that each of us has chosen to be here at this time whether we can remember anything about that choice or not.

    At the same time it does appear that it is important for each of us to be engaged in choosing so I have no advice other than to listen carefully and ask for help and use all the faculties you have to seek the good.