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    • Steve Myers

      November 3, 2021 at 5:57 pm

      I posted this in another group but it may provide some thought for further discussion:

      This morning my wake-up call from my higher self sent the following concepts to the conscious portion of my awareness. The thought was to step back and view the following in a different way. II and AI

      My step-daughter Marisa talks a lot about Mirrors. This physical object is a tool to help our “human” to grasp the symbolism of “Reflection” and a message it contains. Her communication skills with her higher self seem well tuned, so her comments to me about the intuitive connection with higher self has had a beneficial impact. That said, here is the message / thought process begun early this morning while still in bed.

      Two Analogies:

      1. (II) Intelligent Infinity is like the top of a 12 story building where the sub-floor basement 12 stories down would be its opposite reflection. We begin our life journey making a decision before entering the stairway or elevator whether to experience up or down. For fun, we may push lots of buttons as an example. How we decide is a function of our “free will”. If we seek help in making the decision, perhaps we consult with others or with more knowledgable aspects of ourselves. The entire building and basement represent the positive/service to others expression of existence during 1D to 6D.

      I think you can see the point.

      An even wider perspective of view on this subject would be to view (AI) as a reflection of the 12 story building and its sub-basement levels. My intuition said to make one word change, with this analogy. Substitute the word Intelligence with the word (Infinity).

      2. (AI) Artificial Infinity is an expression or a Reflection/Mirror Image of analogy 1 above. Same building….. same basement…… with a big exception. It is only a reflection. Again, we begin our life journey making a decision before entering the stairway or elevator. Whether to experience up or down. Again, how we decide is a function of our “free will”.
      Another exception to Analogy 1 above is that this reflection represents the influence of the negative/service to self expression of existence during 1D to 6D.

      I’m sharing and add a disclaimer: This post is just my thoughts. I encourage you to think about it but your free will is always in charge of what you do with it, or how you react to it.

      PS: I’m thinking the best 12 story building (ie: our holographic life) would be best served with analogy

      1. Having both choices creates balance in the big picture.