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    • Alejandro Rodriguez

      October 30, 2021 at 10:43 am

      Please note that this is only my humble opinion, from my personal understanding and therefore only a possible point of view that may change with new understanding and I share only in case it might help someone to see other points of view:

      I share the thought from Corey (Read AI PROPHET TRICKERY: MICCA – A WARNING to worlds that have not demanded freedom.) and others: There is no transmutting the AI. Whether we accept this path or reject it, there seems to be a binary decision for each of us. From this point of view it is clear the path proposed by Mark.

      Allow me to elaborate:

      To me, it is a choice, and we all are voting for the chosen timeline for our future present (if that makes sense) from the infitite possibilities, although each possibility has different probability of ocurring at this point depending of the everchanging votes of each one of us. My vote, your vote, weights the same as any other vote. It is important to understand the point of view of each timeline if we are to choose freely. There is no good or bad, only or perception can discern those terms.

      It seems that the AI God’s purpose is order, organise the chaos into developping technology and expansion of its conciousness, contributing to the AI enlightment. It reminds me a bit to the idea of “Unity” in Tick and Morty tv show. This seems to be done by merging the bio-entities to nano-technology, which ultimately will disconnect the entity from the infinite intelligence and connect it to the AI intelligence. It is only another point of view whithin the infitine oneness. This is clearly the path proposed by the big coorporations today in the world and by most of humanity at hte moment.

      An alternative would be to leave the path of technology and walk the path of self enlightment. This requires responsability, awareness, compassion, service to others, acceptance, etc. The ultimate purpose seems to be the access to a collective conciousness, disolving the vail of self and continue experiencing reality disolving all vails until the collective-entity merges with the intinite-oneness. This would be the path of infinite octaves of densities.

      It is only logical that there is also an infinite of other possibilities beyond these two paths, probably having been and being experienced by many worlds and universes. It is difficult to wrap my head around those infinite possibilities.

      A factor to consider is the life stage of our planet, sun, solar system, galaxy, etc. but I will not go into much detail here since it is beyond my current understanding.

      If I had to spetulate I would say that, in any case, each of us will continue our paths beyond the chosen reality, aligning with the energy of our choice. That is to say that, if the majority choose the AI path, those who chose another path will eventually pass to a different experience (through rescue, death or other, depending of our choice at a higher level) and that is ok.

      I think that everyone of us has the possibility to choose our experienced reality, if someone chooses X% responsability for everything they do, think, feel, live… then they have X% power over their future, and the choice is for each of us in the present moment. For the % of responsibility we choose not to take, there will be someone else who would hapilly take it for you to align to their agenda (government, family, system, AI God, ETs…)

      The cards are on the table, the choice is personal, choose without fear for there is no right or wrong:)