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    • Alejandro Rodriguez

      October 19, 2021 at 3:20 pm

      I am not professional so please do not take my word for it, experience it yourself and share your insights!
      I humbly share below a list of thoughts from my research, personal experience and things that have worked for other people close to me :

      – Nutrition could be seen as one of the three pillars of physical wellbeing, together with exercise and sleep. They seem equally important and necessary to balance to achieve a well-being state ;

      – Spirit-mind-body are intimately related. In the same way, they are equally important and necessary to balance. A strong alignment of one of these components has an impact in the other two. If the three components are aligned to the same frequency, the person is balanced and less likely to get ill, however the contradiction of alignments in these three components seems to highly influence the potential for diseases. When we suffer episodes of high stress, mental trauma, depression, or other mental problems, our body tends to align with these energy and our nutrition appetite orientates to low vibratory food… the opposite seems also true and therefore we can willingly shift to a higher mental frequency by changing our nutrition, sleep and exercise impacting our approach to our mental/spiritual issues ;

      – There are no two identical people in existence, nor two identical bodies. Therefore, the needs of diet and nutrients are unique for each of us. There seems to be a genetic component, a societal and geographical component, but we could argue intuitively that there is also a mental and spirit component. The analogy rule seems to apply here as well in both directions: An interesting thought in this topic would be the potential effect of the “way” in which our food was grown, prepared, cooked and eaten that will affect the way is assimilated to our organism ;

      – Everything is consciousness, therefore the food that we eat is the intake (in a way) of some consciousness and through us we transform this consciousness in a different form of consciousness. The simple task of eating that we tend to take for granted in the so called “developed world”, may be seen as an almost sacred rite where we are responsible for a number of very important decisions that shape our live and the life of others. If we think about the huge impact that the act of “buying food” has in the economy and society, the privilege of having food every day when that more than 25,000 people (estimate online) starve to death every day, the impact in the environment of the production of our foods, the effect of the vibration of the food and ourselves in the food we eat, the consciousness or energy issued of the transformation of our food by ourselves, etc. It seems that this mundane activity is one of the main mechanisms that we have as a society to shape the world we live in.

      Do we want a better world? Let’s be the world we want to be living in 🙂

      With love to all,