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    • Claudio Guglieri

      October 18, 2021 at 10:42 am

      Hi Andy,

      Me too have had these problems. Not with migraine even if sometimes it happens to me.

      I had a little ictus in my left eye, years ago, and this caused a small blot in my field of view. Currently i see, at random, small dots of lights of various colors, principally blue and red. At the eye’s corner (left eye particularly) i see temporary flashes of light or apparent movements.

      Having these problems i think these light dots are retina disturbances but they could be reflex from another reality or another energy. All these phenomena are very rapid and the duration time is about a second. Electromagnetism, radio waves and Wi-Fi can be the principal cause of this problem but i cannot exclude that in certain moments i can see something of invisible (beings or energies) that surround our world.