BONUS: Week 5 of Accelerating Ascension – “Through the Lens of Distortion”

In week 5 of Accelerating Ascension, Corey discussed the subject of “distortion” – a term used by Ra in the Law of One to convey the twisting, modification, misrepresentation, or concealment of the un-differentiated, un-potentiated intelligent infinity in its purest form, i.e., The One Infinite Creator.    

Corey was joined by Guest instructor Mike Waskosky, of Mind Alchemy on YouTube where he presents on other Law of One topics.

The full Accelerating Ascension course is still available and also Corey’s new course, “The Blue Avians & The Law of One” is available for purchase now as well.


  • Identifying negative and divisive programming
  • Perpetuating the problems through generational programming
  • Emotional injuries, narcissism, and healing the inner child
  • Balancing the pendulum of emotional extremes
  • Teaching our children differently
  • Setting the example – “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Course Bonus Video #2 With James Gilliland!