Course Access

Course Content coming January 2021.

Regarding the postponement of the class till January: Corey has run into a significant personal family emergency that he will have to tend to when the course was supposed to be starting, and so he has regretfully decided that it must be pushed back 2 months, to a new start date of January 9th.

However, considering this unexpected delay, we have worked to provide to you all with new perks for your enrollment in the course.

1. We have just added all the video replays for the 2020 Vision Conference into your member area. This includes new talks by: Corey Goode, Dr. Michael Salla, The Kate Awakening, James Gilliland, Xi Earthstar Healer, Kaya Leigh, Tricia Margis, Dr. Alex Bloom, and Caressa Ayres.

2. We have added a fully functioning COURSE FORUM AREA where you can interact with other students currently enrolled in the course. When you post on the forum and others reply, you will receive emails with those reply messages so that you can continue to stay connected to others around any subject, and also we can guarantee you can talk about anything free of censorship, as long as it is respectful of others on the forums.

Simply visit this link to begin (also in the new members area):

Your information will remain private if you do not post in the forums, but if you do post, you may also consider updating your details in the new user profile area if you would like to share more about yourself to other students.

Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any issues or would like a refund.