You Mold the Clay – What you can do

“People often ask “what can I do”? They feel small and insignificant. That is how the opposition wants you to feel. They have worked very hard to hide your co-creative power from you. It is only after we de-program ourselves of belief systems and reclaim that power that we will prevail. When that occurs is up to us to make the changes within and without, we will not be able to blame others for our fractured state of Mind/Body/Spirit for ever (Even as outside influences continue to deceive us.)

Nothing is set in stone yet. The clay is still wet and we can make of it what we desire, we just have to participate. There are many trying to make a new reality for us without our consent. These are people in the various syndicates, subterranean groups, non-terrestrial groups and even the various alliance groups.” Corey Goode

We decide…………… not “them”.

Mini-Update: 10-16-2015 on spherebeingallience .com

STILL TRUE TODAY – 1/15/22 “Participate”

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