Perspective….. Note to Self

Where are you witnessing events from? What is your perspective?

Is it influencing your beingness? ……… Yes?……. Then choose wisely.

If you miss seeing the forest because your’e standing next to the tree, you witness a concept of forest much differently than flying over the forest like a bird. It seems pretty obvious.

Upon deciding to examine where your attention is focused, the next step might be to step back from that focus and examine what is surrounding the area of focus. There is no rush. Asking yourself if you have the quality and quantity of information to make a decision based of that perspective, or would more input and a wider field of view be very helpful? Be thoughtful. “Thought” “Full”

Don’t let a feeling of “limited time”, our a sense of needing to rush to make a decision, overly influence you. Practice giving yourself permission to “think about it”. Permission to look at something from several perspectives. Use that tool and see if it isn’t helpful.

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