Want To Know What Your Personal Work Is Using Astrology And Your Natal Wheel?

I have been studying Astrology since the mid 1990’s.  Specifically my North and South Nodes of the Moon, which Astrologically speaking is each and every one of our personal work in this life.  

For those who don’t know, when you were born there were specific frequencies coming to you from the heavens(the stars/planets) at the exact moment of your birth. The unique individual blue print is called your Astrological natal wheel. This is why a person’s exact time is so crucial because if that is incorrect it can throw off the accuracy of your natal wheel depending on how far off the birth time is.  Even if your birth certificate shows a time it might not be accurate because the Astrological importance is not openly known or taught in the medical professions, at least not in the USA. Even Astrologers in the USA don’t give the time to cover in detail or at all the Moons Nodes .  That was so shocking to me especially when I first began my personal journey over 27+ years ago.  That is why I specialize in the North and South Nodes of the Moon.  This information is so essential for anyone who is desiring to uncover any and all subconscious blockages, to once and for all end the cycling of the same types of experiences because the program of the South Node makes one automatically feel like they will get their needs met if they go about life in a specific way, but it never works out, even though you keep trying the same way, like running into a brick wall every time.  To change that cycle one must become consciously aware of what that exact program is.  This is why I started my channel www.youtube.com/c/TheCreativeWoman369. I am an Astrologer and Intuitive Reader.

Anyone interested, let’s talk!  Would you like your natal wheel done?  Leave me a comment or email me at [email protected]  Check out my YouTube channel if you like, and all of my Astrological details and the details I need from you to do your chart is in the drop down box below every one of my videos.

I work on donations only because I don’t know each individuals personal circumstances. Therefore, I will never turn anyone away who are sincerely seeking to know themselves through Astrology! I just don’t believe that we should be withholding such invaluable information from one another. Maybe some of you have a product or service you would like to trade for my services?  Great!  Regardless, please don’t hesitate to inquire my services if this calls out to you.💜

I would love to begin a class where Astrological information can be shared.  Especially about the North and South Nodes of the Moon.  I have a very special Nodes book that is now out of print that proves,  so far to be the most accurate, but would love to hear about other node books anyone might have.

Cherie/The Creative Woman


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      1. It is great to meet someone with common interests. I have been trying to focus on Pluto, obviously it has had a major role in world events these last couple of years and continues to do so, but more personal/soul level. Have any good resources?? Side note on Karmic Astrology vs. Astrology for the Soul. Perhaps Astrology for the Soul is kinder 🙂 I had a great book and now can not seem to find it, might have lost it in the move to the desert. I will take the time to look for your You Tube channel.

        1. The Pluto book I have and use on my YouTube channel is called Pluto The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul by Jeffrey Wolf Green. If I haven’t already read your specific natal Pluto from my viewer request videos and you would like me to just let me know.💜

  1. I have a north node book that I can’t recall the name of any longer, and I’m in between houses so all my books are in storage. I loved that book SO MUCH. I am just so out of practice with my astrology and haven’t picked it up in years. All I can remember is that it was a thick blue paperback book. Not very helpful! lol

    1. I wonder if it is the same book I have. I also love mine because it has the most detail I have seen ever, so far, and this one is blue too. I have a picture of it on my timeline here and on my YouTube channel The Creative Woman. That would be so cool if they were the same!

          1. Please let me know if you still didn’t receive attachments or cannot open them.
            This is very interesting because I have never had this problem before, but then again a lot of stuff is going on especially now!(If you know what I mean)💜