Recently I Was Asked “How My Stellium In The 12Th House   Influenced/Impacted/Played Out In My Life?”

About my stellium in the 12th house very major because for me it also connects to my south node in the 8th house, and of course my 6th house with Pluto, Uranus, moon as well. From childhood to my late 20s before I was forced to begin my nose to the grind stone heavy, deep personal work(Saturn Return) I was completely lost, living with a general constant feeling of fear, guilt, anger. I could never put my finger on where any of those feelings originated from. They were just always looming close by. In my childhood I especially was depressed, very quiet, inward, extremely self conscious, and absolutely terrified of anything that required the spotlight on me, like the teacher calling on me to answer a question in class. Actually, my childhood personality followed me into adulthood and it wasn’t until I was able to start facing myself through astrology did I begin to be freed, relieved of that which haunted me subconsciously(12th house and South Node). It was a slow step-by-step process that took at least 20 hard years to complete during that time I not only dove to the very depths of every nook and cranny of my natal wheel, but I also did the same with my parents, grandparents on both sides, my brother, and of course then my ex-husband and what I passed on to my daughter. What I found was a gold mine of truth that finally gave me a complete crystal clear picture of what kept being passed down generation after generation, and why it wasn’t able to be taken care of before it passed down to me. I received my Scorpio South node from my dad’s mom, and my 8th house South Node part from my mom’s mother. My dad’s dad who was killed in a car accident when he was 5 had his S.N. in the 8th house in Taurus 28degrees 49’ – mine is 29 degrees 10’ – that means something. I think I came to finish what he couldn’t. Can’t know for sure, but I feel a strong connection to him. I wish I could have met him.

It’s amazing to me how much the opposite I am now from who I was. I am so very thankful to be here right now just being me! Free, open, happy. I love my life and where I am headed! Life for me has just begun!!!

I must also add that without my dear friend introducing me to astrology I never would have made it.

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