What is listening?   Is it possible to–not constantly think–while  listening to someone speak?   To not think while I listen?   Is such a thing possible?  What would one hear?    You know how you can drive a car and forget you are driving a car but still drive safely well ….the body keeps on driving.  Can I listen like this?  What do I hear when this happens?

Even after someone speaks, there is silence?  Can silence be listened to?

What would this experience be? 

Can this modality of not thinking be applied to all 5 senses while using those senses?

Am I listening now? Can I listen with others where the pronoun we exists? Can we listen and not think think while listening? Can we listen as group and simultaneously listen as an individual? What would we hear?


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    We hear everything – in the loudest silence, in the calm – which is full of informations/interactions/communications of the existence, if we entirely listen, – therefore is it so peaceful – to be in the consciousness
    If one is conscious about specific one-thing, some-thing, every-thing, then is the tool of think unnecessary/surplus to use, wink, wink
    For inspiration I gave in my group excerpt from my biography/existence, which contain also the theme of the tool of think and one/some/every answers of your rhetorical/unrhetorical/philosophical/not philosophical questions
    Like with every tool – is it practical *the tool of think* to use just through the own will and not at every moment –  in the inattentiveness/outside of calm, just because this the temporary mental program of habit is of some humans/beings