Group Freewill

If Group Freewill is going to determine earth’s future, then what exactly is Group Freewill?  What is your perception?  What is your perception of Group Freewill?

What is individual freewill?  What is group freewill? 

I would like to focus on Group Freewill in this writing.

Is there one description of what Group Freewill is?  

For instance, is Group Freewill simply democracy in action; a bunch of people voting yes for this and no for that and then the majority of the group decides what happens?  Is this what Group Freewill is?   Occam’s Razor: this is one description with the least assumptions.

* Equal vote does not translate as equal influence on earth. 

Bill Gates is worth $ 138 billion dollars.  Gates has greater financial and social networking influence on earth than most.

A standing definition of Group Freewill could be equal voting with unequal influence is Group Freewill.

An elemental question that arises now is, does Group Freewill really exist?

If a few people with the greatest influence, influence the majority through media and there by influence what the majority think, isn’t that the free will of a small group of highly influential people determining earth’s future? 

When majority of people are manipulated by the few, are lied to, can Group Freewill exist? 

Is Group Freewill simply the manipulation of the many by the few?  The word “Group” implies that the group is choosing when in reality it is a few people choosing.  Is the phrase “Group Freewill” a lie?

If we are being asked by many in the disclosure community to choose a positive future for earth through Group Freewill is this a unreasonable possibility to achieve, given the profound flawed short comings of what Group Freewill is?

That said, imagine that there are a few people with little wealth compared to Bill Gates, yet these people are highly psychic and can influence earth in ways Bill Gates cannot.

Equal vote and unequal influence is Group Freewill.

Can there be positive psychics?  Can there be negative psychics?  …that have greater influence on earth.  Can negative ET exist and psychically do this?  Can positive ET exist and do this?   Are these contributing factors to Group Freewill?

Another factor that contributes to the possibility of Group Freewill existing is identification of self.  Is there indeed a human species collective self, group self on earth?  Is there an identity?  This simple question: “Is there an identity?” 

People generally either see people separate from their identity,

or people see their personal identity and larger identity

that is indeed an–identity.  A earth human species identity.  

I exist.  We exist.   

When there is a “we” then I have an identity that is “we”.  A true “we” is not seen from separateness but from “we are”  and”I am” simultaneously.  Some humans use the word “we” and don’t really mean “we”. 

That said,  a self-sustaining perception of “we” is evidence of an identity that is greater than the personal self. 

Self-sustaining, means an identity that cannot be taken away no matter what.

There are mystics who have a self sustaining perception of “we” on earth.

The intention of mystics who honor freewill of the individual have the capacity through space and time, density, dimension, the ability quite simply to experience a mutual identity with earth consciousness while simultaneously experience the self we call “I am”. 

I think that the phrase Group Freewill can exist and does exist through the ability of a self evident inalienable self-sustaining identity for a group–such that of earth, and earth humans.

When the phrase freewill and raising frequency to choose a future for earth is said by people, sometimes the meaning and existence of Group Freewill, and Freewill falls short of actualization (this okay) as nuances, subtleties, simultaneous systemic awareness is not present in the individuals when they speak.  Sometimes, there is awareness of mutual identity and–it is clear.  

Group Freewill, it could be said, at its simplest form is “attention”.  How this attention is achieved arises from the entities that participate.

If the Galactic Federation says earth needs to choose, than is the Galactic Federation seeing earth as separate and not part of its identity?   The nature of partial identification of identity may be the Galactic Federation’s aim which is imperative to actually choosing. 

In this regard, as I identify the Galactic Federation as a mutual identity that I am,  the intention that this is an intention of the Galactic Federation is self-evident as I am a whole part of that whole identity.

The nature of identity and nature of attention with relation to communication is present.


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