All about cybernetic implants

When we think of an implant we generally think of a solid structure of visible size. The base of this structure can be metal or plastic, in short a construct that cannot self-maintain and is therefore subject to a direction of self-degradation based on the environment in which it exists.

The population of this planet is divided and sometimes disturbingly unbalanced in evolution. Territorial isolation has created this psychological distance in perceiving what is alive, born from natural stellar explosions and what comes from this construct called fixed matter like a chip or a computer that holds energy but with a different language based on the metal or plastic matrix that it was born.

The knowledge of these differences between the evolutionary thread of living matter, which we call organic and that which is created on the matrix of a chip or a computer, is the essence of the present existence in our world.

The essential understanding between a thought or electrical flow formed in a naural/organic structure and a thought formed on a chip/computer structure makes an individual aware when talking about an implant and the barriers and repercussions of altering one construct with the other.

These barriers connecting an energy flow that functions as a natural organic organism interconnected with a solid structure or just as a radioactive construct can create the most unexpected changes in the organic organism:

1. The body’s natural flow trajectory is derailed from the normal electrical path.

2. The interaction of different molecules of the metallic/plastic/radioactive construct in a place of this organic organism makes the electricity of the two systems as a structure not compatible, resulting in a continuous influidity in the correlation of the two systems.

3. The introduction of these macrovisual chip systems or simple radioactive elements into a nerve center of the organic structure can transform the organic tissue by creating “malformed” areas because the DNA in the rest of the flow unaltered by the implant is functioning properly and so the tissue does not function with a language electrically different.

The energy code/script/language and intensity of the energy flow that is compatible with the natural organism as the matrix base determines the balance of the electrical flow according to the energy base of the universe.

Regardless of the structure of the body determined by different types of tissue, whether more fluid (loose tissue) or solid (corneal tissue), it has an energetic language/code adapted to that natural organic construct. A more intense flow or a different binary signal inhibits or forces tissue regeneration on that energy flow. All the repercussions of a flow different from the one naturally compatible with the tissue in question, create multiple alterations such as irrigation with blood vessels in areas where they did not exist or the inactivation of some tissues through the absence of energy flow and blood vessels that irrigate the structural area.

These alterations of energetic trajectories caused by the combination of an energetic flow natural to the organic tissue with a flow created for a structure more rigid or energetically active than the natural tissue create different organisms, based on different structures with different visible and different behavioral effects.

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