The Encounter with the Hopi (5/4/2019)

In 2019, I went to The Grand Canyon; took a walk along the ridge, and, had a spiritual experience near a cemetery; that guided me to find Oraibi Arizona.,_Arizona

When i arrived, it was late night after dark, pitch black, as i drove onto the Hopi land south of the Grand Canyon. It was a long road.

I was having complete “Dark Night of the Soul” during the “Midnight Hours” from dusk until dawn, then, radiating and releasing in prayer, receiving and sending a greeting to the rising Sun from the East.

When i reached the location indicated on the Google Maps for Oraibi, i ended upon what i thought was a construction site, so i maneuvered and parked eastward to see what would happen.

Suddenly, a light in the distance, and, closer and closer. I hear a knock on the window and from the shadows a Hopi Indian man appeared.

He was very positive and i could tell right away that he was interested in making a friend first and asking questions later. I told him that I was sorry for intruding on his land, then, he said in a deep Hopi accent that this was a “dam” i was parked in.

I didn’t know what that meant yet, so when he asked if he could get into my car, of course i didnt object.

He asked me where i was from, and, i said i was a spiritual traveler from Phoenix from the grand canyon area headed south using google maps to Oraibi.

He then said, “well you come to the right place brodda”

We parked the car at his nearby house. What i mistook for a construction site was actually the whole Hopi village of the Oraibi on top of a plateau!

They didnt use power because he said his villiange has limited solar power and generators. I got out of the car in front of his house, which he said was the same one he grew up in, same place, and had been there for a long time.

This is where it got interesting.

This is where i learned that there is soo much i yet have known…

~ The Starry Night ~

We were both standing outside looking up at the stars, I asked him who were the Oraibi with a “B” sound, and he corrected me and said, “oh rhi vi”. I was surprised i was wrong again.

He would say words in Hopi often because he was a 51 year old Hopi who lived on the plateau of Oraibi village. This was the earliest settlement after the exile from The Grand Canyon.

When i mentioned Orion and looking for Wepwawet and Hopi on the internet found this place, which, he responded with his usual *ommmhmm”, which i came to know as a new term undefined in my head, the gradual shift into mental “neutral” so to speak, where nothing is a duality, only what is and is not.

He said that his lands are sacred to the Hopi as it was the origins of it all, then the other Mesas branched out from it, which is why there were carvings all along the cliff face, which i saw in the morning.

We looked up at the stars then, last night, and saw the deep blue. I brought up Maasaw, just asking who he is. He waved his hands over all the stars, and said “they” are here. Which i think means more than one entity, shining their light back down as we looked up, sharing the universal foreverness.

He said then, “youknow, this was water”

I asked then, where did you come from and how did you come to know this.

He said, the Hopi came out of the Grand Canyon.

I asked about the Pahama.

He replied “oooh thats sacred”, so i thought to ask later.

I slept on his floor, in the house he lived in, with no electricity and the smell was very organic. He showed me a few things and taught me about Kachina faces. The Cross and Circles in each of the 4 quadrants of the larger Circle, was the sign of his clan, the Unified clan, which, his Grandfather was the leader of.

He and I spent the night sharing different words and sacred things, which, had a greater revealing during the dawn the next morning. He gave me shelter, and keep for the night at his place.

~ The Greeting of the Dawn ~

The next morning, we woke up at the beginning of the morning, and saw the rising sun.

He said that the sun goes around the planet and came back, all Hopi knew this.

I said, Egypt knew this as Khepri rolling the sun as a beetle over it, which was more primitive than their amazingly accurate and current lore.

We then said a prayer to the rising sun, he said one in Hopi, and i sungazed and said one silently in Netjer

He showed me areas where he said it was his “swimming pool” which was many many deep pools into the rocks way down there with a natural wells all over, from years of rainwater collecting.

They filtered and used this, as well as cleaned in different rock pits.

We then, went down to see the cliff face.

~ The Cliff Walk ~

I was thinking of the flood, then he said “yeah 14,000 years ago, this was water here”

He confirmed it later many times over with sediment, rock weathering, sunken areas of the mesa where rock was melted through with years of water from rain, and the weight difference and composition of the rocks.

I asked about the Grand Canyon again, and, he said “uuuhwell thats where the Ant People are, and walked me to the wall.

There was a painting of a black shroud image with a Hopi face and horns, i asked who he was, and he said he was a Death God, or Horned One.

Some Topics Taboo, such as speaking of Pahana or the Ancestors in the Grand Canyon, his mother also mentioned this, the dead being there and deep within, with the Ant People and Horned Ones.

He then showed me broken pottery shards along the way, and i picked some up to view them, he showed me ones for handles, decorative and useful. Very beautiful even when broken shards all over from millina of breaking and leaving parts.

He then pointed to a picture, and said that the Grand Canyon had the Neutral Death Gods and Ant People.

I asked what they did, he said “ooh thats where our ancestors are now, down there, and other places”

We then walked the cliff edge, and i heard of graves, places of paths, and races run, where the villages where, and more stuff.

He then said, 2 asteroids hit, one was in a place far off, and one was in between all the Mesas!

He said that this was shown in the rock layers, which i saw and understood that long ago this happened right in the middle, and the sediment filled it in between the mesas surrounding the area. wow.

Then, we found his favorite place, which was a carving.

He looked at it and said “Looks like Mayan Eh?”

And i said, yeah, as it was a perfect sideways face etched into the rock with a headdress, they carved it.

I then found a stone, he said it was a flint arrowhead, which was carved long ago, they are here, and marbles from games over the years, which he collects.

Amazing time, we when returned back to his home.

~ The Drive Home With The Hopi Man’s Mother ~

I was asked to drive his mom to her sisters house, so, of course i agreed for such an experience, the least i could do.

She is a kind woman, and was 80 years old, but, acted and spoke like she was youthful although aged.

So, after a Hopi breakfast with traditional Hopi music, his mom and I set out to Tuba City. She said it is pronounced “too bla” in Hopi.

On the way to Tuba City, she said the Kachina originated from the mountain tops of Flagstaff Arizona.

She said that they have a festival on Mothers Day, and in July when the Kachina go home.

We arrived to her sisters house in about 40 miles, saw a horse along the way.

We said goodbye, talked a bit, such a beautiful person.

– The Return to the Mesas –

8/17/2019 – Northeastern Arizona

The rules of the mesas are simple:

– no photography

– no video

– no sketches

– no audio recording

– respect

However, there are times which are very most sacred to the Hopi natives, which the white man is not to be present for.

When i reached Oraibi, it was just at the last glimpse of sunlight.

I winded up the cliff face from the south and into the village.

Driving to the furthest house away, one of many which are modern merged with anchient brick

There, sitting in the chair, was one of the happiest faces i have seen in a long while; the hopi man’s mother from the first trip!

I parked nearby and got out, was at first not sure that this was her, but she recognized me, that was for sure.

I said to her “you’re the one who went to Tuba to see your sister, and i ate breakfast right there”

She was soo happy, she confirmed this

I said “oooh i have presents for you and your son!”

I went to my car, got my red backpack, and brought it next to her.

The first was a small maglite flashlight with carrying sheath.

I said that was for her, she was surprised and liked it

Then, a large heavy metal Maglite, i said was for her son.

I explained that he left his in my car, then, my car was broken into and it was stolen

Finally, a military curved flashlight with changeable color lenses.

I told her my roommate abandoned it so i thought it would help

I then paused.

Then told her, there was, one thing left, and i wanted to give it to him in person

But, i would give it to her

I told her, this was something that was not mine, it belongs to Oraibi

I pulled out my bag of stones i carry with me attached to my belt

I put it into my hand, something precious, it called to me from the last trip

I took it wanting to return here one day

I set it into the palm of her hand…

There was a piece of flint i found on the cliff walk of the last visit

This stone :

I showed her my other stones, one from Sedona, one from Show Low, one from my childhood, and said that it was another traveler, such that one day, i would return to the spot it came from.

I asked her if her son was around, and she said he was at a festival until tomorrow in town

She asked about my childhood and we had a few other conversations

Then, she said that i should stay for the festival, which i said i absolutely would!

I said id see her there, and i left Oraibi

I stayed at a fancy hotel in Tuba City which is about 30min away

The next day I explored around the mesas, never found the festival her son was at but, it was a wondrous time!

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  1. The Pahana:

    “The true Pahana (or Bahana) is the Lost White Brother of the Hopi. Most versions have it that the Pahana or Elder Brother left for the east at the time that the Hopi entered the Fourth World and began their migrations. However, the Hopi say that he will return again and at his coming the wicked will be destroyed and a new age of peace, the Fifth World, will be ushered into the world. As mentioned above, it is said he will bring with him a missing section of a sacred Hopi stone in the possession of the Fire Clan, and that he will come wearing red. Traditionally, Hopis are buried facing east in expectation of the Pahana who will come from that direction”