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I am a newbie to all these things except for the time I saw what I thought then was a UFO as a young girl outside my bedroom window one night . (In retrospect, it could’ve been one of our own antigravity vehicles now that Ive been enlightened to “Truths.” ) just grateful that I wasn’t taken & abused as a slave.  I’ve always believed in other more intelligent beings and also am an intuitive Heyoka Empath with some psychic abilities recently discovered. Grew up near Eglin AFB & family has been military since the American Revolution so my mom registered with DAR by proof. My Dad now calls it the “Air Farce” yet his cognitive dissonance keeps him from believing what I’ve learned recently which is a LOT! Less than 2 years ago I learned of Dr. Steven Greer as I was wondering if there was any content re : ufos/ET’s (do not watch lame stream media ) & have been through the dark night of my soul in the past several years so went inward & did some self introspection but also learned about raising vibrations . Went to a “CE5” meeting where someone told me about Dr. Joe Dispensa & the Gaia streaming app. I was so excited & subscribed but was mostly excited to find out that the info on ETs/UFOs had been studied extensively & disclosures from actual military personnel such as Colonel Philip Corsco thrilled me to no end ! On Gaia, I came across “Cosmic Disclosure” where I learned of YOU & David Wilcock! Now I’m reading the “Law of One” & still have 1 more year to finish a 3rd degree but learning so much reading books & listening to content online (YT, etc) I’ve learned more in the past 2 years than I feel in a lifetime ! I mean learning where I come from, who I am, and WHY I’m here is really the most important thing right ?! I’ll finish school when I’m ready as I’m still healing emotionally & in a state of necessary changes in every aspect of my life . I want to serve humanity & am a Life Coach with credible training yet have had major blockages in starting my business online …trusting God, the Universe, etc that they will assist so I can get this going ASAP. I was hacked by an Apple Engineer (they did nothing ) at the beginning of the plandemic so took down all social media as I was censored big time from twitter to YT to FB and IG from the things God showed me in person (do Disaster Response & Recovery for natural disasters as a volunteer so when our state had mandantory curfew, I was able to travel as essential services) anyway, I asked the Lord why He was giving me all this intel & He said so I would would tell people yet when I did online I was hacked, censored, intruded upon etc. I felt so violated & unsafe ! I was already coming out of my hermit mode after not going to church anymore after being betrayed in about 4 churches. Now I’ve grown more spiritually as I’ve been on sort of a sabbatical if you will . But now it’s time to not be afraid anymore & launch  my online  platform . I had founded a nonprofit for suicide prevention & had a YT channel so I’m not shy lol. I’m so grateful for you Corey & for coming forward to share these TRUTHS & enlighten all of us so we can save our species & planet and mostly to live in peace & harmony. Lets launch a “planet-wide meditation”  simultaneously to meditate to change our situation in a more expeditious manner ! I’m ready! Please let me know how I can help more. I’d love to invest financially some day but currently am tight but just invested in donating to another project like yours for revealing truths. I pray for you & your family & am very grateful to being enlightened even if I’m older than most who have already been enlightened at a MUCH younger age ! (Probably around your age …idk cause idk how old u are lol) anyway I’m rambling now …but that’s my introduction for now …glad to have found you have a website cause someone on YThad an interview & didn’t put up your slides so when you were talking I couldn’t see what you were describing ! Thank you again ! Light ✨L💖VE❣️🙏🏻🌈🌎💪🏻💫🥰👍🏼