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    Ep8: Orion Group Interference Pt 1


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    Ep5: Healing with Spirit, Wind & Fire

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    • Jennifer Palmer

      January 10, 2022 at 2:51 pm

      Great response Forest and I really appreciate your input. I find all of this so interesting. I think the only things I would add to this is that I have had experiences where offering unconditional high level love was seen by the being as an attack. So I have found I even need to discern the technique I use in each situation… coming from and emitting love, but not necessarily directing it at them unless they want it.

      There are beings who are in energy form who have an agenda and are out to deter, manipulate, misinform and interfere with wanderers/starseeds/light workers no matter the vibration they hold. In particular, the negative AI greetings I have had are very different from other beings in that they just really don’t seem to care or follow the rules that others follow. My first experience with them was about 3 years ago while working on a client and it was very eye opening. Now, AI experiences are almost daily as I am giving energy healing to my clients. Something very different is going on here.

      Much love and respect.