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    • Alejandro Rodriguez

      October 19, 2021 at 3:52 pm

      Hello all, here my humble opinion for what is worth:)

      I agree with the conclusion to focus on working on oneself, for we are not all one? If one ascends, we do not all ascend? if one does not ascend, do we all not ascend?

      Ascending, not ascending seem part of the cycles of the one and there is nothing outside the one, therefore nothing is lost. It seems that for eons of time we have and will experience all dimensions through infinite cycles in an infinite spiral where time is an illusion.

      Regardless of the experience each of us have chosen to live in this particular lifetime, my proposal would be to try to accept with open heart and enjoy each second of this experience we call life fearless of external conditions, since if we look close enough we may see suffering as a great teacher and death merely as a transition, then why not enjoy the ride and take advantage of this intense experience to achieve fearless our desires? For our desires are not the hints of our chosen mission or experience here?

      In this way, it seems to me that the desire for harvest or an external event may be counter-productive for someone who desires to ascend, since this seems a very personal choice of each of us from different levels of reality/dimmensions… sorry for my english, does that make sense?