What is Phenomenology

Phenomenology has been described as “the study of structures of consciousness as experienced from the first-person point of view.”

While phenomenology is said to be a ‘philosophical’ perspective that developed in the first half of the 20th century, it may also be seen as a divergent ‘scientifc’ perspective that was lost when modern ‘science’ went ‘atomic’ and created the abstract, theoretical ‘world’ that is believed to be the basis for reality.

Phenomenology stands in contrast to the modern theoretical understanding of reality because it always remains connected to what is experienced by the human being.

In our time we have been conditioned to accept abstract notions of science as the basis of reality because they have been so useful in the development of specialist technologies.

In contrast to the outcome driven perspective of modern science, phenomenology, in its purest form, takes a broader view. By maintaining a ‘first person’ perspective on reality, phenomenology is able to correlate the relationship between both inner and outer phenomena.

The inherantly subjective, sensory perspective of phenomenology is obvious, while the subjectivity of modern science is obscured, due to the disconnection of observed phenomena from the abstract gravitic/electro/chemical forces that are believed to be the foundation of our sense experiences.

I am not suggesting that modern science is ‘wrong’. I am merely pointing out that a science based on abstract concepts has different priorities and outcomes to a science based more directly on what a human can percieve of inner and outer worlds through awareness of sensations and responses.

For me, phenomenology offers us, as human beings, more opportunities to understand and develop our creative partnership with reality. We can learn to experience ourselves as being reciprocally connected to nature, rather than striving for the disconnected objectivity that is so prized by modern science.

Food for thought ♡

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