Exploring Ascension

The idea of ascension is something that many of us believe is possible. But how it might happen is hard to understand given the apparently entrenched nature of our current reality. 3D, 4D, 5D, have been defined in quite different ways by different people, so it isn’t simply a matter of taking someone’s word for it. It is something that we all could consider.

I admit to being apprehensive about the idea that something that I don’t understand will suddenly happen to me if I behave in certain ways.

On the other hand, perhaps ascension is a more gradual process, whereby human consciousness ‘changes’ in ways that causes reality to be experienced differently over time.

I have noticed that my experience of reality has changed over recent years. I have come across ‘philosophical ideas’ that have changed my perspective on life to the point that my life experiences trigger quite different emotional responses to what they once did.

The current Covid crisis is a noteworthy example that may help explain what I mean.

For those of us who are resisting the social pressure to be vaccinated it is traumatic to experience the enforced mandates and blame that are directed toward us by what can be described as a corrupt technocracy, their minnions and a mind controlled populace. Many of us interpret this as a ‘last stand’ to prevent Humanity from being overwhelmed by fascism.

Assension would certainly be welcomed by many in our current global situation.

It is interesting to remember that for all of recorded history most Humans have lived in theocratic or autocratic societies. Either being ruled by god kings, human kings or governments that control and direct their lives.

The relatively new ideas of democracy, socialism, communism, capitalism or even satanism have not made any significant difference to autocratic rule, they just offer a different ideological basis for appointing rulers.

I suggest that many of the problems in the world today are actually symptoms of the assension process, where historically conditioned ideas and social structures are no longer satisfying the needs of our evolving Human consciousness.

It is highly unlikely that an ascended being will need to be ‘governed’ in the way we understand it today. So how are we preparing ourselves for the future?

Some of us believe that ascension means we will leave the physical world altogether. That might make the transition easier, but maybe that is not how it starts.

I’ve got a feeling that we may have to make some significant changes to our world views before we can free ourselves of the cycles of birth and death that have sustained Humanity until now.

Global events are a catalyst for global consciousness.

Maybe the ‘battle’ that many of us believe is coming isn’t a battle at all.

It has always proved true that violence begets violence and I’m pretty sure that ascended beings are over violence.

Understanding the ‘roots’ of violence can offer insights into ways of addressing the powerful unmet needs that we have been conditioned to try and meet through violent behavour.

At this point it is worth remembering how our responses to what is happening in the world today has the same source as our responses to all those around us, even those we love.

These ideas have a basis on ‘Compassionate Understanding’. It is something that I believe to be fundamental to the ascension process.

While Compassionate Understanding may not be 5D it is surely a prerequisite for 4D. It reflects a significant difference from the traumatic understandng of reality being experienced and perpetrated by those of us who struggle to integrate the worlds of Body, Soul and Spirit.

Recognition of the Trinity of Life offers an opportunity to reconfigure the polarised world of Duality that we have been ‘led’ to believe in.

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