My Questions!

Howdy y’all from Texas! This is my first attempt to move into the 21st century and have no idea what I am doing with technology. I personally would rather not have it. I need it to get the truth since I have recently learned the depths the (ds) will go to to stop us, as stated in one of Ascensiontv’s members feed and articles, what they are doing is “Beyond Evil”. In my group “Questions that need Answers”, I have been posting and asking a lot of questions. Then some of the conversations were deleted by the other party and I seem crazy, with questions and comments all over the place. If you made it this far into my bio, you will understand the situation. I am looking for answers everywhere and just realized we are limited when in search of the truth! Please be patient, kind and loving in all things no matter the situation and circumstance!  I will too! Thank you all, I leave you in the light and the love of the one infinite creator!

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