My Apologies!

I received an email from this site, it said something like this… They would not tolerate someone yelling at them…  I am not sure who this was, as the message never showed up on this site!

Whoever that was, I sincerely APOLOGIZE for any misunderstood message I wrote somewhere.  I can assure you my intention was to NOT sound like I was yelling!  No, I do not know you, but I know I would never try to change any conversation negative!  Please forgive my wording and grammer!

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  1. I haven’t noticed anything like that. Maybe it was your power message to the cabal. Everyone is learning things too along the way. I never have felt good myself having to express things on the internet about corruption. In here there are moderators who have to look through things. Sometimes it is too much stress and people need healthy breaks. Imagine what those facebook moderators have had to endure. It can be a lot of work, also the moderators and admins look at reports from the members, if they make complaints.

    1. I understand, we really have to learn to move past our 3D communication methods. Too much room for misinterpretation! I am definitely not an eloquent speaker or speech writer. As for those who review the feeds, yep tough gig! My respect for those who strive to keep this site clean and clear for the truth for us! Thanks Paul, chin up!