Super Soldier Past Life 

im very connected to my my higherself. I’m clairaudient and have the ability to speak to anything. I don’t always use this ability as it is a little freaky and sometimes and  I think it’s just my imagination. I was told by this higher aspect of myself that I was going to receive a dream last night. This dream was not like the gritty fear-porn crap dreams I have been having that are part of what the collective consciousness creates.  I sometimes can tap into this collective consciousness inadvertently. The dream she sent me was full of a beautiful light and it was all vaguely familiar. 

This was a past life I was viewing. I have seen other past lives of mine. I never suspected that I was going to have a past life quite like the one shown to me. I was a man, I was on a different planet (maybe) and I was screaming to myself ‘Remember this!! Remember this!’ We were doing some kind of drill in a desert environment. I was in something like a giant airplane hanger and we were in formation about 10 feet apart from each other. They gave us a pouch, a thick heavy leather pouch/case with information in it, Papers to read and some odd things I did not recognize.i had to read it just before the drill took place. It was some kind of training exercise. I was not given enough time to read everything when others started wrapping our heads with something I can only describe as an exco-skin. All of us were getting this skin put on and I noticed that some  of my fellow soldiers didn’t exactly look human, they had longer skulls. I’m thinking that this was for some kind of sand storm but I could not see through this wrap thing, so I  could only use my  3rd eye to see. So everything got golden and was very beautiful. One of the tasks was to go to a golden cabinet, a file cabinet of sorts. It was made very tall, almost like it wasn’t made for someone my height to use. About 6 foot above my head there was a kind of filing cabinet with cubby holes like a post office box. The outside of these boxes had doors and on the doors were symbols, beautiful bas- relief cast gold symbols. I remember animal heads, a Saturn symbol and other types of symbols almost Egyptian but not quite. There was man that was an officer barking instructions at me while I looked at this cabinet. He was saying, “You have to find your ‘sun sign.’ All of a sudden my consciousness shifted and I was no longer this man, I was me  but I was still in the dream and I didn’t have recall memory for what I was looking for. I woke up but just before that I knew that the reason that i needed to go in the little golden cubby holes was to get my sun sign so ‘they’ couldn’t cast a spell on me. I don’t know what a ‘sun sign’ is exactly, I don’t know anything about astrology, This was more like a memory then a dream. It seemed old, but the stuff in the dream was foreign to me too, I couldn’t place a date on any of the items in the dream save but one ( I’m an antique dealer so i always look for stuff in my visions of past lives so  I can date things) the leather pouch with the mission instructions in it did not have a flap and seemed like it was from the 20’s, I saw leather cases a little like this before in very thick sewn leather that dates to about WWI, perhaps Italian?

I asked my higherself, why she sent me this dream. She said I died in a very traumatic way just after that scene and did not want me to see it. She said I need to have this type of ‘vision’ back to do my next job. That scene she showed me was that our particular corps unit had the task of looking for powerful magical objects and energies.

Throughout my awakening I have received ‘gifts’ or talents I had in former lives. Like the crystal I received from a past life as a powerful witch. I lived in the mountains of India, on the border of Persia. This crystal was hers, she used it in a negative way, but for me it amplified light and allowed me to clean out a lower astral plane. And  years before I received a dodecahedron shape that trained me to become clairaudient. I no longer have that shape/energy near my heart because I don’t need it anymore, I can be clairaudient now, somehow that dodecahedron trained me?

Receiving Clear vision is going to be cool and somehow I know I have had this before because of the way I have seen things in the past. There is no light source in this kind of seeing. When I was in art school and I had a really hard  time with rendering things with a light source. I had to really train my eye to see the light and shadow, because in my imagination nothing has a shadow. 

If anyone here has any information about a secret unit they once belonged to or any information about a unit that hunted for ‘magical’ objects. Spells that could be used as weapons, or anything here that resonate. Or if you have been receiving information about getting back ‘powers’ that are hidden from you.  Please leave a comment 

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