Start Operating a Reiki School

For those curious about operating a reiki school, here is the December calendar from a reiki school I earned reiki master (RM) in year 2019. Reiki Master Teachers (RMT) conduct classes on weekends and can start operating a reiki school of their own.

Once or twice a week, gauging upon the interest, a reiki circle is held in a town’s crystal shop. Seated in a ring of chairs, volunteers consent to a half hour guided meditation while reiki school students practice a synchronized group performance.

Often the same volunteers who are willing to travel to the crystal shop receive the reiki. Monday mornings at 10 AM to 12PM and Friday nights at 7 PM 9 PM.

Each reiki student gets a chance to practice on 1 to 4 other persons. Over three years one student can easily practice on over 500 persons in chairs.

Occasionally, they visit hospitals and retirement centers, depending on the availability and willingness of reiki masters to travel. Crystal shoppers can book appointments with reiki masters in the designated room of the shop.

Once a month they host a Full Moon Reiki Circle on the beach from 7 PM to 9 PM. Participants are suggested to bring a towel or chair to sit on the beach sand. The reiki master of ceremonies can bring a microphone-equipped boombox out there and have been live shamanic drum performances.

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