Anthony Lorenzo Gordon (Aka: LowDeep) is a man with a mission to discover the meaning of life and broadcast it out into the world. Born in a U.S. Air Force base hospital at Fort Elendorf, Alaska on March 26, 1957, the third child of four and second son of Willie James Gordon, nickname “Trooper”, Willie retired out of Ft. Knox, Kentucky with twenty-three years of military service after refusing a promotion to Command Sargent Major and tour to Vietnam.  He bought his first home in Louisville on the Jefferson County line and settled down with his second wife and two youngest of four children. In the late sixties, racial segregation was being countered with a movement to integrate white and black students into schools in america and the young black retired military brats were first on the list to be bused out into white schools. Attending Suda East Butler High School in Shively Kentucky, Anthony became quick popularity with his talented bass-voice and high school band ”Love, Peace and Soul”. In this predominantly white school he found his self voted as President of the Junior Class and the following Senior year, Most Talented and Most likely to Succeed ! In his second semester as freshmen, Anthony for the first time found “Jesus Christ” and took up the mission to discover for himself why humans express often times a brutal and violent nature and to make a honest healthy-minded look and assessment of modern life in the early 21st Century.  For reasons beyond his younger understanding, it was too easy to accept the world as foul, that the only other alternative in this life was hope for a future paradise.  This did not seem too intelligent and became Anthony’s great secret challenge and mission to find the real meaning of life and broadcast it out into the world. After completing his BFA and not yet feeling seasoned enough to jump into the music business, Anthony honored his father’s request and entered boot camp choosing the Military Occupational Specialty “Chaplain’s Assistance”.  A short military career introduced Anthony to the global community and the likes of South Korea and Europe where he left the military to live, learn and walk the same streets of Mystic minds who influenced early Germany before and during the first world war.  It was in Germany where Anthony settled down and begin to bathed in a older environment capitalizing on the remaining spirit and everlasting impression the European community  had on the greater world. Anthony’s great success in the music industry was further strengthen by the gospel group, Robert Dewitt Jackson Singers with Ten years of success all over European stage's, television and radio.  After Robert Jackson’s death, Anthony was invited to join with the “Original” legendary Golden Gate Quartet (founded in 1934) which resides in Paris, France since the 1950’s, and with who Anthony became inducted into the Gospel Hall of Fame.