If eyes are windows to the soul, what does my right eye tell you? :Jason - Greek/Hebrew - "Healer." :David - Hebrew - "Beloved." :Nicademus - A variation of a name of a character I resonate with in my favourite childhood movie, "The Secret of NIMH." :Nicodemus - Greek - "Victory of the people." :It is time to live up to my given names. :It is time to live up to my chosen name. :I am sorry it has taken this long to help. :Standing by to assist. :Shall we play another game? :) :Over and in, Last call for sin, While everyone's lost, the battle is won, With all these things that I've done... :If you can hold on...If you can hold on...Hold on... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fed4Ppvr2b0